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Crazy People, Friendly Giant


Procedural runner mobile game // Cartoon 3D models from asset store, design, audio and UI by Luis Dorrego // Made in Unity, 2017
Luis Dorrego, @jesus-perez, @wolfyllow & @zatewk
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It’s hard to be a friendly giant in this crazy world. People panic upon seeing you.        

They seem to love chilling under your feet and crashing their vehicles into your legs;

everyone’s screaming and dying… That makes a giant sad; giants love going out for a walk! 


Play and check the game on LudumDare's entry site:




Help the giant walk as far as possible before losing balance or killing too many people. 

This is not just another endless runner. 


It should be played on a mobile device (but can also be playtested on Windows). 

  1. Place you device horizontally in a steady surface.
  2. Put your index and middle fingers on top of the giant’s feet.
  3. Alternatively touch and drag backwards the feet of the giant simulating a treadmill. 
  4. The shadow of the giant will show you where the other foot will be placed in the next step.
  5. Avoid stepping on people and try to dodge vehicles crashing into your legs. 
  6. If you take too long to make the step, you’ll lose balance.


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